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     Welcome to 6/14 Arty, we hope you will enjoy the new site. We further hope that you will find some items of interest as well as useful information. It is, and probably will remain, a work in progress and it's evolution and development is somewhat dependent on what items and information we can gather from you, the reader, and the members that bravely served the 6/14, this nation and it's people. This site is dedicated to all the noble men who served with the 6th of the 14th FA no matter when, no matter where. Let me say that another way...

Fort Sill, Fort Hood, Vietnam, Germany
The 6/14 anytime, all the time. Here, there, anywhere; we are all brothers.

So sit back, relax, and click around the site. Enjoy, learn something, and... remember.

"Ex Hoc Signo Victoria"

- Tuesday Afternoon Edition 6-28-2005 -

"Supplies and troops reach Ben Het from the air and land..."

Transport planes drop needed supplies to the brave men of Ben Het while after four days of jungle straffing by air, ARVN and American troops and tanks battle to clear and hold the roads from Ben Het to Kontum and Dak To.
The thirsting troops can dump the cordite flavored water and take some sorely needed relief from the fresh supplies and men.
News comes late today but check out the clippings below from the Intelligencer Journal, Washington Post and The Stars and Stripes.

Click on the individual newspaper clippings above for full size images of each.

These reports are really great reading, download copies for your personal archives.

Drop back by tomorrow for more home front news of the Battle of Ben Het as it appeared in 1969.

Its very interesting to compare the news reports with writings from men who were there and we can't think of or recommend a better accounting than can be found in John Lamerson's book:
The Phantom of Ben Het

Hop on over to the Lamerson Publishing page and order yourself a copy of this great book today!

- Monday 6-27-2005 -

"Sappers inside the wire 100 yards away..."

Morale was sinking but the men of Ben Het would not give up.
That was for sure, they took care of business and each other.
Just as yesterday, get yourself some coffee but make it two cups.
More great clippings below that appeared in the Intelligencer Journal, Washington Post and The Stars and Stripes.
The test to see if the South Vietnamese could hold their own against the North was not going well while the Americans hang tough but testy.

Click on the individual newspaper clippings above for full size images of each.

These reports are really great reading, download copies for your personal archives.

Drop back by tomorrow to see what unfolds...

- Sunday 6-26-2005 -

The Seige Rains On With No Clear End In Sight...

Whoa, the news began to pour in by Thursday June 26, 1969.
There were gripping reports in almost every paper in the nation.
Get yourself a good cup of coffee and read on about our battered boys of Ben Het in three different publications.
We have first hand reports below that appeared in The New Era, Washington Post and The Stars and Stripes.
If you didn't know how things were going to finally turn out, one might think things were getting pretty grim at the Special Forces Camp.

Click on the individual newspaper clippings above for full size images of each.

These are worth keeping in your personal archives so don't forget to nab copies for yourself and do stop back by tomorrow to read the continuing saga of the Central Highlands Battle of Ben Het.

- Friday 6-24-2005 -

News of supplies reaching beleaguered troops...

News of 6-25-1969 says badly needed ammo and supplies rain in for the troops... but so does enemy artillery and mortar fire.

Click on the newspaper clipping for a full size image.

Don't forget to keep a copy for yourself and stop back by tomorrow for Saturdays news.

- Thursday 6-23-2005 -

The news began to trickle in...

Yep, the folks back state side just started to hear about the plight of the troopers surrounded at Ben Het. Let's take a look at a bit of the news that appeared in the papers on this day... 36 years ago.

Click on the newspaper clipping for a full size image.

Download a copy for yourself.

Thanks Ken

An email just came in from our 6/14 Brother Rex Weaver - Brig Gen (ret) with the following:

There has been an average of 160,000 troops stationed in Iraq during the last 22 months.
During this time the firearm death total was 2,112 for a firearm death rate of 60 per 100,000.
The rate in Washington DC is 80.6 per 100,000.
This means that you are more likely to be shot and killed in our Nation's Capitol, which has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation, than you are in Iraq.

We should immediately pull out of Washington, D.C.

- Thursday 6-9-2005 -

- Ben Het -

"An Ordeal In Dirt and Death... Ben Het at night is a scene that is at once beautiful and fascinating, weird and horrible. Dali, Goya, Bach, The Beatles, Hemingway and Zanuck would understand. Flares hang in the sky, casting milky, light purple shadows. A plane drones and circles overhead, periodically spitting streams of fiery tracers at enemy positions."
- B. Drummond Ayers, Jr.  June 30, 1969 - New York Times

No words from the print media ever quite captured a moment in Vietnam battle history like these of Drummond Ayers and perhaps no besieged, ragged, jungle-matted mountain locations other than Ben Het, Dak Seang and Dak To could have inspired them. Due to their proximity to the tri-border and Ho Chi Minh Trail this was no doubt some of the most important and fought over terrain in the Central Highlands.
Year after year Ben Het was in the center of the NVA's sights and 1968 and 1969 were no exceptions. One of the many 6/14 Warbonnets entrenched at Ben Het May through July 1969 was brother Ken Bailey. There were several batteries of artillery under LTC Kenneth R. Bailey, some quad-mount anti-aircraft guns in a ground defense role, M-48 tanks, and reinforcing companies of Civilian Indigenous Defense Group (CIDG) strikers from the camps at Dak Pek and Mang Buk. Command of all U.S. Artillery forces physically located at Ben Het was assigned to LTC Kenneth R. Bailey, who was the current commander of 6th Battalion 14th Artillery

Back at home in the States Ken's wife kept a scrapbook of newspaper clipings that covered the daily dramatic events from June 23rd through July 11th.
It's June again, now 36 years later and Ken has been kind enough to share these moments in history with us. Not only did he share the clippings but he is sharing the map he used during this historic battle. During the month of June and July in recognition of this historic struggle on the corresponding days of their original release The 6/14 Arty will make digitized copies of the clippings available on the website. Its still quite a while before June 23rd but heck, lets kick things off with something... lets have a look at Ken's map of Ben Het and the surrounding area.

Below is a 1.5 by 2 inch detail of the full sized 14 by 22 inch map.

Check out the detail on this beauty... and it's over 36 years old!

If you would like to have a look at the complete map and even save a copy of it for yourself, just click on the detail image above. Don't forget to stop back by as the month unfolds and pick up copies of Ken's great news clippings.

In their official report covering this period of the war, the historians of the Joint Chiefs of Staff conclude that the Battle of Ben Het, not Hamburger Hill, was the most important conflict happening in South Vietnam at that time. While we are on the subject of Ben Het, if you would like to read an in depth and personal reporting about the true struggle through this "Gauntlet of Hell" from a key member of a U.S. Army Field Artillery Phantom Gunnery Team, then take a jump on over to the Lamerson Publishing page and get your hands on a copy of...
The Phantom of Ben Het
by 6/14 Brother John Lamerson


- Tuesday 5-31-2005 -

- A Warbonnet News Flash Reminder -

June 24th is rapidly approaching and all the fantastic attractions and the incredible country side is waiting for you and your whole family.
Sure it will be great in Lawton, OK next year at Fort Sill...
but that's a year away Brother.

We would like to see you this year too!

Don't forget about the 6th Battalion 14th Artillery Regiment
Fort Lewis Chapter's

Reunion 2005: The Great West Coast Warbonnet Weekend!

Click on over to The Reunion Page to read all of the new and updated information from your good Brother Darrel Fortner for all members of all Battalions of the 14th Artillery!

We received requests from some of our Brothers who missed dropping by the site yesterday and they wanted to see the Memorial Day Edition.

It's still available if you would like to drop by.

Just click on Memorial Day Edition.

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Get Firefox!

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Click on the button above to find out more.

- Monday 4-4-2005 -

Today the nation recognizes a hero, we recognize a soldier.

Sergeant First Class Paul R. Smith
(Click on image above for more information about this noble soldier)

The 3rd Infantry Division is one of the Army's most-decorated units. Since 1917, this division has suffered some 35,000 wartime casualties. Fifty Marne Soldiers before Sgt. 1st Class Paul Smith have received the nation's highest decoration for valor, the Medal of Honor.
This is the story of one.

The members of the 6th Battalion 14th Artillery Regiment sent their greatest gratitude, honor and respect to Paul's family. Not just for one day, but for a life lived well.

- Monday 3-21-2005 -

Roster Update

Those of you who visit the site often know this is my favorite part
so let's welcome to the 6/14 Arty two newly located 6/14 Brothers.
Stop by the Interests Page to get their contact info and give them a warm welcome.

Stephen Cundiff - Svc Btry 6/14 Arty Jan to Nov. 1968 SP4

Monte Holcomb - 6/14 at FSB Oasis when it was overrun on Halloween 1970

Welcome Home Brothers!

There now are 239 Warbonnets on the list. All Right!

- Thursday 3-17-2005 -

"Lá Fhéile Pádraig Shona dhaoibh. Go n-éirí an bothar leat"
(Happy St. Patrick's day to you all. May the road rise to meet you.)

Have a pint with you and visit Irish Culture and Customs website to find out more about
St. Patrick's Day and the wondeful people of Ireland.

- Friday 3-11-2005 -

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men Often Go Awry.

... and for me, that has never been more true.

Every day this week has laid one more stumbling block in the path to Washington Jennifer and I have been planning. We had not mentioned it to Dennis but Jennifer and I had been working on heading to D.C. even earlier in the week than originally planned but Jennifer was in a major fender bender in Greensboro. She is just fine but her cute little red Volvo was pretty torn up. No one else was hurt in the other car that ran the red light. Paper work, insurance companies, ya-da-da ya-da-da the usual. So our week was slowed down by sharing one car. They determined yesterday that her car is totaled and beyond repair. Jennifer called me last night after finishing up some delayed paint work at the downtown studio. She was on the way home on Hwy 52 and rock flew up from somewhere and put a hole in the windshield on our other car, now we are going to have to have that fixed before we can leave in the morning (that's today).
You know what they say, good luck comes in pairs >:?[
We could manage all this along with other little stones here and there but the cold I have been fighting all week has proven to be more like the flu and last night was intermittent sleep between bouts of coughing. This morning greeted me with more coughing and a fever that I have yet to break. I have not called Dennis yet to tell him I just cannot make it but I will later this afternoon.
I am to say the least, "bummed out".
I will still try to get some information from Dennis on the trip to D.C. and pass it on to our 6/14 Brothers.

- Sunday 3-6-2005 -
- Re-updated Monday 3-7-2005 -
The Long and Winding Road...

... and that it has been.

I'm out traveling airport to airport, venue to venue, week by week then I'm home for a week working as fill in houseman at the Stevens Center, then it starts all over again.
Hard work, long hours and a lot of fun shared with good friends so time passes quickly all the while getting a chance to see a bit more of this great country that we all are so fortunate to live in.

This along with no new information coming in from our good 6/14 Brothers makes for not much to add. I have some more excellent photos from Vietnam and Germany to digitize and put up on the site but I'm not going to carry them around the country so sadly they will have to wait till I have some extended time off.

There are many incredible coincidences in life many revealing just how small this planet is and just how precious each and every life is.
While on this tour I spent a week at the T.D. Waterhouse Center in Orlando, Florida.
I had been working throughout the week with Sammy Farruggia, one of our supplier/manufacturers of excellent custom staging and technologies. Sammy and I were talking about this and that when he noticed I had on a Montagnard bracelet and wondered what the story was connect with it. I told him about my connection with the bracelet, my good friend Craig Harris, my brother and the 6th Battalion 14th Artillery. He was silent for a moment and his eyes glassed over just a bit and he said,
"I was with the 6/14 for a time both in Vietnam and Germany."
Nothing more need be said here... we talked for hours.

Drop by the Interests Page and jot down the name and address of our latest addition to the 6/14 list Sammy Farruggia.

Welcome Home Sammy.

While your over at the Interests Page looking through the list of your artillery brothers please note that Hank Sanders has updated his contact information with a new email address.
Thanks for the update Hank

I guess that does it for now Brothers. If you have any news to pass on or read anything of interests let us know about it Brother, just send it on over and we will put it on the site for all to see and read. Don't be shy, any information is welcomed.

Don't forget to stop by The Cannoneer and see what other have been talking about, there might be a question you can answer or some information you can add to some of the forum posts.

- Thursday 1-20-2005 -
Combat-Related Special Compensation Update

Good Brother Rex Weaver sent this to us today.

"Go to this web address and get the latest information on this program.
This info should be given to all Viet Nam vets." - Rex Weaver

Find out if you are qualified for CRSC under the recently amended
Combat-Related Special Compensation legislation?

Find out more about this benefit program for Army Veterans and other service men and women at the Department of Defense website New Retired Benefits Program page and/or lots more information from the U.S. Army Human Resources Command - U.S. Army CRSC Division

The U.S. Army CRSC Division made an excellent Flash Movie to go along with the new Combat Related Special Compensation Program to thank all the veterans who have served this Country.

We were quite moved by the sentiment an imagery. Your time will be well spent watching this powerful testimony to the bravery and true heroism of our men and women in uniform.
Just as the U.S. Army CRSC Division, we at The 6/14 Arty are deeply grateful for the sacrifices you have made and pledge our continued commitment to your spirit.

Click on the image below to start the movie.

Click to Start 4.5 megabyte Flash Presentation, "In This Time of Calling"
Download Flash Viewer?

- Sunday 1-2-2005 -
A Happy Warbonnet Welcome To The New Year!

To start off the new year we have some new and updated information about...

Reunion 2005: The Great West Coast Warbonnet Weekend!

Click on over to The Reunion Page to read the new and updated information from Brother Darrel Fortner!

- Wednesday 12-29-2004 -

Our hearts and prayers reach out
to our global family hurt by the Indian Ocean tsunamis.

Help survivors and their families by making monetary donations to these organizations:

- Tuesday 12-28-2004 -
This years is just about over... but not the festivities!

Heck no, not by a long shot. We just got some new information from Brother Darrel Fortner about the upcoming...

Reunion 2005: The Great West Coast Warbonnet Weekend!

Hop on over to The Reunion Page to hear what Brother Fortner has to say!


- Thursday 11-11-2004 -
- Veterans Day -

Before you stands a humble nation.

You filled the ranks and took the line for our freedom and democracy. Your dedication and sacrifice have earned our greatest respect and we are eternally grateful.
To all who are now serving this great nation, God speed and thank you.
To all who have served, we thank you.
To those who will serve this great nation, we thank you.
To the family members of our men and women who do serve, have served and soon will, we send our support and sincere thanks.
Your lives and deeds define our nation, your metal gives us strength, your fire lights our way to a brighter future...
we thank you.

I took the opportunity last night to attend an address given by Col. Edward L. Hubbard (Ret.) and spoke to him afterwards, he is quite an inspiration. He spent six and a half years in the Vietnamese prison camp know as the "Hanoi Hilton" and is author of the book,
"Escape from the Box: The Wonder of Human Potential"

If you are not familiar with Col. Hubbard, read a little about him.

Visit Col. Hubbard's website to order a signed and personalized copy of his book.

- Thursday Night 11-4-2004 -

I came home this evening and found an email from our good Brother Larry Timberlake
All he said was...

"Please, click on the link below, and turn your sound on.
It will take about 3 minutes to view."


Thanks Larry, it was the best three minutes of my day.

I was asked, "Tell us what you think of the coin?"

What more need be said Brothers... look at this flippin' beauty!

Click on over to the 14th Artillery Association's Quartermaster page
and put one of these in your pocket today!!

- Wednesday 11-3-2004 -

"O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?"

The Star-Spangled Banner

On Sept. 14, 1814, Baltimore's Fort McHenry was enshrouded by the smoke of burning structures and cannon fire. All those present on the surrounding hillsides and on board ships wondered if the fort had fallen to the British.
Francis Scott Key, being held by the British on board an American sloop, peered through the clearing smoke and the predawn darkness to see American General Armistead's enormous flag flying proudly after the 25-hour British bombardment of Baltimore's Fort McHenry.
The flag image above is the actual Star-Spangled Banner that flew that day above Fort McHenry.
If you click on the S-SB image above, you will be taken to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, Star-Spangled Banner website. The Smithsonian has been the home of this symbol of American strength and hope since 1907.

Just as Francis Scott Key, all of America has been under siege, for far more than 25 hours though, by the party politicians, spin doctors and extremist on both sides that have left us all lost in the clouds of their partisan disputes.
We have been waiting to see what would be revealed after the smoke cleared on this morning.

In the brilliant sunlight spreading across this great nation we see the flag of Americas spirit still flying, surely a bit tattered but unlike The Star-Spangled Banner above, Americas spirit will come back together, mend itself and rise anew to overcome the challenges that face us.

Key asked the questions, are we free, are we brave, does the banner yet wave ... we say, absolutely.

Like F. S. Key, who served in the Georgetown Light Field Artillery (1813-14), the members of
The 6th Battalion 14th Artillery stand as close today as 30+ years ago, defending the rights and beliefs of all people and move forward as a united band of brothers singing:

"And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!"

As I have said before, and I will continue to do so, the outpouring of support and contributions for the website are greatly appreciated and I am deeply touch by your personal comments.

A great big Special Thanks goes out to:

Raymond Birmingham
David Cotlow
Tom Grinnell
Frank DeLong
William Hilton
John King
Mark Levin
Richard Lunt
Charles Maldonado
Dennis Proulx
Earl Smith
Walt Smith
Albert Trussoni
Maurice White

Your gracious contributions, input and support will assure the continuance of this website for many years to come.

:: The Cannoneer ::

What... you haven't been there?
Well what are we waiting for, let's hop on over to The Cannoneer

- Saturday and the wee hours of Sunday morning 10-23/24-2004 -

Where do we start?
So many of our brothers have been in touch with us since Wednesday it's hard to decide where to begin.

That really goes without question, we start by sending our best wishes to John Lamerson and Roy Woods, a couple of our good 6/14 brothers who are doing a little R&R in the hospital.
"You two keep your feet up, get some rest and don't cause those fine nurses to much trouble."
The 6/14 Arty sent cards to Roy and John with every members name on it carrying regards from their Warbonnet Brothers of the 6th Battalion 14th Artillery for speedy recoveries.

I received a letter from Kenneth C. Jones-LTC (Ret) DEARNG, brother of WO Frank W. Jones. Frank served as the eye in the sky for the big 6/14th guns which supported the 173rd Airborne Brigade during the Battle for Hill 875 and the 4th Infantry Division during the Tet offensive.

Kenneth Jones:
"On the morning of Return Day, November 4, 2004, the "Vietnam Veterans of America" Chapter 546 will dedicate a plaque at 10 a.m. on the circle in Georgetown to honor the sacrifice of the 26 Sussex County soldiers who gave their lives serving our country in Vietnam. One of those soldiers was my brother, WO Frank W. Jones.
On November 3, the night before the dedication, we will also honor Frank’s abbreviated life by gathering from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Blue Water Grill in Millsboro. All are welcome, and we extend a special invitation to the recipients of the Frank Jones Memorial Award as well as those who knew and loved him.

Ken included an very informative enclosure with his touching letter so for those who are not familiar with Frank and his work with the 6/14, I have created a page for it on the website and a link to it on the Stories Page.

Drop by and read "A Tribute to a Soldier" from a loving brother.
Thank you for sharing this Ken, we are so very grateful.

Here is a series of notices we received from 6/14 Brother Darrel Fortner

Fort Lewis Chapter of the 6/14 Arty
Hi all, the first gathering of the Fort Lewis Chapter of the 6/14 Arty met on Saturday 10/09/2004 and will meet again in the spring hosted by Brother Ron Lucas.

I asked if they had any photos from their event and Darrel wrote back to say:

"Patrick here is a pic of part of the 6/14 Fort Lewis Chapter with guest Richard Schlimme."

"From left to right are:
Richard Schlimme, Ron Lucas, Richard Chrapczynski, Darrel Fortner, and Richard Lunt.
Take Care
Brother Darrel"

They enjoyed themselves so much they wish to announce:


All the Fort Lewis Chapter would like to have an unofficial 2005 Reunion.

I have checked and found a place.
The Fort Lewis GOLF CLUB has the 25th and 26th of June open.
I have 5 working days to hold this opening.
If anyone would like to attend a reunion at this time and place, please let me know.
If I could get at least 50 it would be great, the max this club will hold is 150.
Please let me know if you would like to attend.
My e-mail address is (fortners1@hotmail.com)
Thank You

Way to go Darrel,
These kind of gatherings are always rewarding to those who organize them and certainly to those that attend.

Every Warbonnet that lives near another should call each other up, get together and do the same.

I will be back later but in the mean time, drop by the Cannoneer and register or sign in if you are already a member and leave one of your lost military buddies a message. If it's early then join us over at the Morning Cup-a-Joe or let us in on something new you've heard about something going on like Brother Darrel did and the Fort Lewis Chapter of The 6/14 Artillery. If it's late try out the R&R Longe or even Madam Liu Ci's .
Heck... just check out all the different sections for yourself, you'll get the idea.

:: The Cannoneer ::

What... you haven't been there?
Well what are we waiting for, let's hop on over to The Cannoneer

- Wednesday 10-20-2004 -

Come and get it !
Are you feeling just a bit hungry, or should I ask "thirsty"?
Well, our 6/14 C-Battery Mess Man of the hour takes us back to Dakto and Oasis in 1967-68 with his great story and slideshow.

Story and Slideshow ?

You bet Brother, he was no slouch then and he's no slacker now.
It wasn't just the best grub in all the Central Highlands that Walt and Sgt. Frick were cooking up for you.
So let's get in line for the some great chow, read a great story and see some cool photos.
Walt is waiting by the sign at the entrance of the...

World Renowned...
Famous since 1967...

"Cookie 1 A-Go-Go"
Ration Exchange - by Walt Smith
Walt's Photo Slideshow

A great big Special Thanks goes out to:

Mark & Susan Levin

Your contributions along with all of the other generous Warbonnet visitors
have brought this years 6/14 Arty Website Fund Drive to $120.00

:: The Cannoneer ::

Don't forget to check out the new forum, The Cannoneer

- Friday 10-15-2004 -

Welcome Home!
Welcome to our new home that is.
This is pretty much a repeat of last Thursdays update but it is worth repeating.
We have a new home!


If anyone notices any links that don't seem to work or a page that doesn't function like it used to please don't hesitate to contact us.

The outpouring of support and contributions for the continuation of the website is greatly appreciated and I am deeply touch by your personal comments.

A great big Special Thanks goes out to:

David Cotlow
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Dennis Proulx
Earl Smith
Albert Trussoni
Maurice White

Your contributions have brought this years 6/14 Arty Website Fund Drive to $195.00

I have opened a Special Funds Account at the Bank and will deposit all the contributions in it to cover the cost of the website and future feature additions.

You guys are the greatest... Hoo-aah!

:: The Cannoneer ::

The new forum, The Cannoneer is operational (thanks for the inspiration of the name Craig) and needs only to have it's appearance brought up to the standards we have all become accustomed to here at The 6/14 Arty.
If you want to visit it in it's current state be my guest but do know it is only the beginning.

I encourage you not to be just a guest at The Cannoneer but to please become a registered member of the forum so that you will be able to take part in all of it's current features as well as all the great future features to come.

Go to The Cannoneer and look at the top of the opening page
for the Register Button you see in the example picture below:

It's the one with the check mark next to it. Click on that and you will be taken to the registration page. Decide on a cool or appropriate user/screen name i.e. your first name or Smasher8 or Cookie or m_alpha_c or whatever suits your fancy. Leave us your email address so we can get in touch with you and whatever else is required and any other information you would like to leave then submit it. You will receive a confirmation email with the final step to registering and your done.
Wa-Blam... a bonafied Warbonnet member of The Cannoneer.
Oh yeah, don't forget to pick out an avatar to appear under your name so we know who you are at a glance.

If you have any trouble registering please let the "Guidon" know and I know he will help you out (he is a personal friend of mine and yours too :)

- Thursday 10-7-2004 -

Welcome Home!
Welcome home to our new home that is.
It took a few days to make all the code changes and then a couple more to work out a few kinks with the server and the domain registrar but all that is behind us now.


We selected a .org address as we are an organization site and not a .com commerce site or a .net network site. We hope that all our brothers and visitors will come to enjoy all the new features that will become available in the weeks and months ahead and we will let everyone know the new email address when we get the mailserver up and running.
The 6/14 Arty site will remain as everyone has come to know and enjoy. We are hard at work developing a brand new Forum... our Forum... ours alone. No offers, no come-ons, no pop-ups, - No Ads - oh yeah, that felt good, so good in fact we're going to say it again...

- No Advertisements -

Yes sir, just good ol'fashioned Warbonnet Artyness 24/7. Hoo-aah!

If anyone notices any links that don't seem to work or a page that doesn't function like it used to please don't hesitate to contact us.

That will be all for tonight, we are going back to work on the new 6/14 Arty Forum. The old Forum will work just fine for now so do drop by and send us a line, ask a Warbonnet Buddy a question or tell us all what ever is on your mind.

A great big Special Thanks goes out to:

David Cotlow
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Dennis Proulx
Albert Trussoni

Your contributions have brought this years 6/14 Arty Website Fund Drive to $70.00

- Monday 9-20-2004 -

May the winds and water of the last couple of months be stilled.
We hope that all our brothers, their families and neighbors in the south have weathered these relentless storms. Accept the blessings and open hearts of the members of The 6/14 Arty, our thoughts are with our southern American neighbors.

We have added the Reunion Page to the navigation bars at the top and left hand side of the page, it's brand new and needs a few more additions so drop by over this next week and see whats up.

While checking out the additions on the Reunion Page don't overlook the information from SSG Robert Ramon. I received this 'waaaay' back in April and have finally found the time to mark it up and add it to the site. We think you will all get a kick out of Mail Call in Kabul over at the Stories Page.

"Thanks Robert " :)

- Saturday 9-11-2004 -

To the families of our heros at The World Trade Towers, the Pentagon, Flight 93 and the families of our soldiers of the field, we send our love, honor and respect. On that day three years ago and every day since thousands have given the extra measure... and today others will continue to give.

We will never forget their struggle, their strength... their moments of magnificence.
May we find in ourselves an equal measure so the world may be at peace

Photo courtesy Clifton Bazar

- Sunday 9-5-2004 -

18 Year Old Earns Silver Star

BAGHDAD, Iraq - An 18 year old Private earned the first U.S. Army Silver Star medal awarded to any of the 32,000 American soldiers currently serving in the Iraqi capital, after helping fight off a deadly guerrilla ambush in May that killed two of his companions and wounded five.
The 1st Cavalry Division's Pfc. Christopher Fernandez, of Tucson, Arizona received the Silver Star from the division's commander, Maj. Gen. Peter Chiarelli, on Aug. 13. The award is given for uncommon valor in combat.

Fernandez, a Humvee machine gunner, is credited with holding a band of insurgents at bay while his companions gathered wounded and dead soldiers from a vehicle disabled by a roadside bombing. The ambush took place May 5 in west Baghdad.

One soldier that carried the dead and wounded to safety, 33-year-old Sgt. Timothy Buttz of Bloomington, Minnesota, was decorated with the Army's Bronze Star medal, with a special commendation for valor.

"After the (bomb) went off, I noticed their Humvee was taking fire, that's when I started shooting back," said Fernandez, a quiet, lanky man who wears glasses.

Fernandez ran out of ammunition for his M-249 machine gun. He sprinted to the disabled Humvee and grabbed a damaged M-240 heavy machine gun and dashed back to his position to continue firing. The M-240's protective hand guards had been blown off and Fernandez said he burned his hands in about 10 minutes of sustained shooting.

"I knew I had to do something."
- Pfc. Christopher Fernandez -

Christopher, this gets a great big "Hoo-aah" from all of us over at The 6/14 Arty.
His actions embody the dedication, valor and strength of the U.S. Army and this great Nation.
"I knew I had to do something"... Hell yeah, you go Christopher!
Read all the details over at, where else... The United States Army News Service.

Week after week of hurricanes... !

What Hurricane Frances lacked in intensity (relative to Hurricane Charley), it's making up for in duration. After hovering offshore for over 6 hours and packing winds of 100 mph, Hurricane Frances finally came ashore in Martin County and is making it's slow westward march over the Florida Peninsula leaving homes and neighborhoods broken and battered in it's wake.
As of 8:30 a.m., the center of the sprawling hurricane was in extreme northeast Okeechobee County. The reach of Frances is extensive, however, and torrential rains, damaging winds and even isolated tornadoes will continue to stalk the central and northern portions of the Sunshine State throughout the day. Already, over a foot of rain has inundated West Palm Beach; similar rainfalls are likely at a few spots on the central and northern peninsula through tomorrow morning.
As the past few weeks have passed our condolenses and best wishes continue for our beleagured American neighbors who continue to weather this seasons seige of storms.

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