U.S. Army's 6th Battalion/14th Artillery Regiment
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The 6/14 Arty is officially open but is still a work in progress. We hope that it will soon take form and someday proudly stand as a testament to the brave men of the 6th Battalion 14th Artillery Regiment.

- Embroidered 14th Field Artillery Crest Caps! -













The 6/14

- Here are the caps we've all been waiting for! -

I don't know how much headgear you have in your possession but you should definitely add both of these caps to your collection.
Brothers Charles Maldonado and Dennis Proulx have been working on these and they turned out great! These are some very stylish brims that no self respecting Redleg would or should be without.

They are available in white for a crisp and clean look that is quite cool and refreshing on these hot summer days and a rich black that is a bit more formal and sophisticated but still very stealthy; ideal for winter.

- Check Out The Embroidered Warbonnet Unit Crest! - 

Check it out indeed! The colors are not just plain old red, white, and gray... No Way! They are brilliant and glistening reds and pure white. And that's not just gray thread your seeing either, it's sparkling silver. This is a must have cap for all of you Warbonnets out there.

If your computer screen resolution is set to 1024x768 then this detail photo of the Unit Crest embroidery is life size; nice isn't it.
Note that the "14th Field Artillery" is in red on the white cap... very snazzy!
I'm sure you want to know how to get your hands on and your head in these great "noggin toppers" so here's the information straight from Dennis Proulx.

"Hi Brothers,
The embroidery, hat, postage and handling bring the total cost for these caps to $13.50 each. I would like to take orders from now until August 31st. All I need from those ordering some caps is to send a check made payable to me, Dennis Proulx. Then I'll place the order etc. We should then easily have hats within 4 to 6 weeks. Oh, don't forget to tell me how many of each color you want, Black and/or White."

- Dennis Proulx -

There you have it from the source. Dennis also says there will be a patch, maybe two, in the works with the 6th of the 14th on it that we can sew on to our caps. I have a 1FFV patch that Craig Harris sent me that I know is going on one of mine.

(I have to have one of each of these beauties!)

- If you think this larger image looks good, wait till you see the real thing! -

That pretty much covers it for now, so when ordering include:

Your Name
Your Mailing Address
How Many Of Each Color (Black and/or White) Caps You Want At $13.50 Each
Make Checks Payable To: 14th Field Artillery Regiment Association
And Then Send The Check or Money Order And Your Order Request To:

14th FA Regiment Association
P.O. Box 6948
San Antonio, TX 78209

**Notice: These excellent caps are temporarily out of stock!

We will keep everyone posted of any updated or additional information as we hear of it.

I will definitely have to agree with "Gunney" on this one,
if you're out and about town and you're not wearing this cap, well... don't get caught!

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