U.S. Army's 6th Battalion/14th Artillery Regiment

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The 6/14 Arty is officially open but is still a work in progress. We hope that it will soon take form and someday proudly stand as a testament to the brave men of the 6th Battalion 14th Artillery Regiment.
- The Album -
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The 6/14

Click On, Brother... 
     As we said on the homepage, we at 6/14 Arty recognize the importance and precious nature that these items have to you and to history and your gracious sharing of them for inclusion in this archive would be greatly appreciated. Let us assure you that all documents, photographs, and items that you send us for reproduction will be treated with the greatest respect. Every care and precaution will be taken to protect and preserve the integrity of these items and promptly return them to you.
If you recognize someone or heck, if you see yourself, contact the Web Loader.
Dig down into that old footlocker or box that you stashed in the attic, get out those photos
and share them with us. There are a lot of folks that would like to see them.

Click on any image for an enlarged version.

Pierce in office

Decoration BNS3

Leisure Time

CO Battery A
Photo courtesy of the Webmaster of
landscaper.net   home of the 15th FAR

Robert Lund says:
"I was on the Gordon ship in 1965.
I helped put the wire on artillery hill by pleiku."
Robert Lund has contacted me and said he's loading up some of his photos and is going to fire them our way as soon as he can. And we all thank you for that offer of sharing with us, Bob.
"Direct Hit Bob!"
Well, not twenty-four hours later Bob comes across with 27 fine images of his 1965 tour. That's a few to many for this page so when you finish with this page, just scroll to the bottom for the link to more photos on page two and gaze in on the Nam of '65.

We owe credit and thanks to Bill Holmes for the next six photos. Since receiving them Bill got a wild hair up his... sleeve and put them, as well as others complete with descriptions and commentaries, on a page at his site. Do check them out at Bill's Vietnam 6/14 Artillery Tour, you won't be disappointed.
Bill Holmes
burning the 'Business'
Bill & Howie
8" Conqueror II
Just rebuilt
Rockets for lunch?
Bill examines dud
in the dirt
Bill Whitehead
Bill Holmes
Clyde Justice
Frank Jones
Jim, Frank, Bill,?,?
sudsing it up at BOQ Arty Hill Pleiku
Jim Pierce-L
Bill Holmes-M
Barry Freeland-R

Well we're in luck, one of the more prolific film hounds of the 6/14, Dennis Proulx, has dug through his warehouse of photos and started to come across with some picts. Dennis was with HHB 6/14th Feb 70 to Oct 70. He worked in the TOC just off of FSB Athena C Btry between them (C Btry) and the town of Kontum. Oct 70 he was transferred to 1st Air Cav in III Corps  War Zone D but before being transfered he took a lot of photos.
The following are just a few of what we could breach for the first round.

Dennis Proulx
'Just Arrived' 70
Joseph Kaluhiokalani
is a clean shaven man!
All the comforts of home
Athena 175mm
'Hump It'
Athena 175mm
dialing in
175mm in
Kontum '70
Howie sending
a  message
8 incher set
Kontum '70
Duster chillin out
at Athena
'Close but no cigar'
122mm crater Kontum
122mm rocket
'On ice'
Kontum FSB Athena
FDC '70
Dak Bla river
bridge Kontum
Montagnard Village Kontum
Central Highlands '70
Montagnard 'Townhouse'
Kontum '70
Fresh Corn from
the Montag boys
'All we are saying...'
xtra powder for peace
Homeward bound
over Mt. Fuji Japan

I received a Photo CD loaded with more great 6/14 images than there are stars in the sky. (Paaaa-trick... !) Welll... there are a lot and as soon as this goldbricker gets off his asss... sssandbag we'll pepper this page with pics.

Now the Album is beginning to get a little thicker. I'm looking forward to it 'bustin' tha seams' of this page with all the great photos that 'you' have stashed. I have been contacted by a few other gracious guys and they are getting together their photos and sending them this way. Some are photocopies, some in the form of e-mail, and some original shots too.  I'm stoked! (old surfer term for overwhelmed)  I'm just about ready to start page two for the album. (I won't be completely happy until there's about ten, or twelve, or. . .) So a big thank you in advance for sharing and let's see some more.

Many of the members of the 6/14 Arty have been gracious enough to send in their rare and irreplaceable photos for scanning and their trust is greatly appreciated. Sometimes it takes a while to get them all scanned and then return the photographs to their owners. To honor these images and repay the owners for their trust and patience, the 6/14 Arty will, to the best of our abilities, digitally reconstruct, enhance, and restore these photos to a near "as new" state dependant on the condition of the original.

The photos above have already been restored.
Click below for a before after example.

 original           enhanced

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