U.S. Army's 6th Battalion/14th Artillery Regiment

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The 6/14 Arty is officially open but is still a work in progress. We hope that it will soon take form and someday proudly stand as a testament to the brave men of the 6th Battalion 14th Artillery Regiment.
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The 6/14

" He ain't heavy, He's my Brother. "  - Charles Maldonado -
Charles Maldonado and James Washington take five with a little friendly exercise.
As if humpin' Joes all day wasn't enough.

Charlie was the first person from the 6/14 Association that I spoke to, that was back in 1996. It was due to the numerous conversations with Charlie and the gracious assistance of Craig Harris and Bill Holmes that led to the creation of the 6/14 Arty website.

Charlie sent me the following photos over a year ago and finally I have had the time to add them to The Album.

The convoy's loaded up and heading out so let's all hop on board and take a trip with Charlie to some of the fire bases he worked in and meet some of the Warbonnets he knew around 1968-70.

Our thanks to you Charles for these excellent photographs...
thanks so much for everything.

As always, if you can identify anyone unnamed in these photos please let us know.
Click on any image for an enlarged version.

8" Gun - Mary, after a good cleaning, Plei Djereng
Close up of Mary, ready for inspection! - 8" Gun
Side view of Mary, ready for inspection! - 8" Gun
Bunker with Rounds ready for Fire Missions
Charlie and good buddie Sebastian Cabot (Family Affairs) No Buffy and Jodie here.
Nathan Stover taking a break from Fire Mission while on Hipshoot at Ol' Plei Djereng

Charlie and Specialist Byrd preparing ammo for Fire Mission
Jeffrey Bostic, Charlie, John Dacci and James Washington returning from water run
Jeffrey Bostic and John Dacci possing for Arnold Schwartzenaegar contest
John Dacci upset because Charlie wins "Arnie" contest
Working on new 3rd Gun Section Fighting Bunker
3rd Gun Section Fighting Bunker completed

Waiting for escort on convoy to Pleiku
Charlie working on sand bags for Gun Section wall
Charlie cleaning and maintaining Gun after Fire Mission
Scott cleaning up after repairing our bunker
175mm at A Battery, Plei Djereng
8" Gun on Fire Mission at Plei Djereng

Charlie with statue of Madonna and child on top of Artillery Hill, 1968
Charlie and the Lady of the Hill
Headquarters and Personnel Building on Artillery Hill
Charlie and Montagnards (CIDG's) preparing for Guard Duty
Charlie with two Montagnards at Special Forces Camp
Medal of Honor recipient Colonel Robert Howard (left) presenting Charles his Purple Heart, 1998

 Brian Stogner (center), and Jeffrey Bostic (behind Stogner with arm on shoulder) Earl Theriot (left) and other F.O.'s in downtown Pleiku
F.O's in Pleiku.Kneeling front with sunglasses is Ken Kruse, behind him Mike Mullins & Steve Katsman sending a message of peace.. anyone recognize the fourth?
F.O.'s . Willie Newton on the right and Ken Kruse left at EM Club on Artillery Hill.
Montagnards with 105 Howitzer at Plei Djereng
Plei Djereng
A Btry and SF camp
Plei Djereng
A Btry and SF camp

8" Gun Section on Fire Mission during monsoon at Plei Djereng
PFC Tillman Rogers posing for picture, KIA September 11, 1969
X.O. Lt. Ron Lucas at Plei Djereng
Ariel View Top - Special Forces Camp, Bottom - A Battery 6/14
1969 Entrance
to Plei Djereng
A Btry & SF Camp
175 during Fire Mission at Plei Djereng

Military Payment Certificate
"Fire Support at Plei Djereng" 1967
William Linzee Prescott
Read more about the artist here
Military Payment Certificate

The Album
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